Why are people frightened of a successful start-up?

Fear must be controlled as it inhibits action.



Don’t let fear cripple your dreams and ambition

Fear of anything can keep you from reaching your goals especially when those fears destabilise other emotions and the normal characteristic attributes of yourself.

Having the energy needed to accomplish goals is critical. Eat well, exercise well and get plenty of sleep. Without energy, your fears will tend to magnify.

Fear may be a big part of your life, but you do not have to let it keep you from reaching out to achieve your aspirations. In fact starting a business might help you to avoid fear.

Overcoming common fears can help you achieve the success you wish to see in your business and your life. This can give you a new energy and motivation that you probably did not realise you had.

A fear of failure can be an intense feeling and probably more than any other fear will stop you starting and running your own enterprise. Failure can leave you feeling as if you cannot continue down that path to establishing your own business.

Most people don’t perceive failure as their best teacher, a way to regroup and do better next time. After all, if you really want something, not even failure nor fear can stop you.


Stop stumbling along the way to your future, is not a good way to go. Sooner or later, you will find yourself in a state of continuous struggle instead of continuous improvement”. Peter Sergeant


Like an Olympian, reach for gold and put the stressful thoughts of not succeeding behind you. It’s very important not let past failures determine whether you can succeed at something new. Instead, look at how you can do things differently and make changes as necessary in your journey.


Fears that can hold you back

Most things are rarely ever perfect so there is no need to create unwanted stress over everything being perfect. If you know you are doing the best that you can to achieve your goals, just keep on keeping on. Your fears and passions are all your own and one way or another you must deal with them.

Perfection is a not as rewarding as dedication and focusing on your strengths and what you like doing and are good at doing. Knowing that you are even trying at all, goes a long way towards minimising your fears.

Try not to stress yourself thinking about other people’s opinion. If you stumble, get back up as there is no reason to fear a little fall now and then. Learn from it, dust yourself off and pay closer attention to the activities that will take you to where you want to go.

It is easy to become stressful when things seem to be going nowhere. going nowhere. The best thing you can do is to find a nice quite relaxing place that makes you feel good and, in that place start to think, reflect and focus on a positive future.

Take this time alone as a chance to look closely your plans for the future and find the first steps you need to take. If this is not working for you, it is best to seek some professional advice.

Do not see isolation as a negative thing, rather turn it into something positive and beat fear before fear beats you. Surround yourself with all things positive, change your outlook on life, and seek out motivational factors that energise and motivate you.


Common causes of fear

  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of a relationship breakdown.
  • Fear of being rejected.
  • Fear of loss.
  • Fear of making a mistake.
  • Fear of the size of a project.
  • Fear of what might happen
  • Fear of isolation and loneliness.
  • Fear of not having enough
  • Fear of finding what it will take to keep going.
  • Fear of being late, or missing out.
  • Fear of not having enough of the right experience.
  • Fear of not having enough information or knowledge.


Things that can foster fear

Unfortunately, encouragement can be hard to find for some of us. Why not find ways to encourage yourself?

Simple ways to do so include finding effective quotes from role models and sources of inspiration including books and using that as your motto. Telling yourself that you can achieve even the most difficult of things can also be encouraging. Simply waking in the morning can also be a motivation to get you started on those hopes and dreams that yes, you are entitled to enjoy as long as you believe you can.

A lack of ambition can create all sorts of problems in the pursuit of your goals. Lack of ambition stems from general fears attributed to the way you see you or through the way we believe others to see us.

Be confident. Understand that the key to success is in your own hands. Embrace your ambitious dreams and do not let them go. Have faith in knowing that as long as you carry ambition with you, fear cannot overcome you.


Start eliminating your fears

A little bit of fear is a good motivation, while excessive fear can destroy all your aspirations and your struggles and disappointments will continue.

Start today and try and address one of you fears each week. Don’t try to eliminate them or fix them all in one go, it won’t work. Start with baby steps that you can accomplish easily in order to build up your self-confidence.

Revise your goals making sure they are big enough to excite you but not too big that they will crush your ambition.

Discover the real you and stand strong in the face of fear. Find your own strength and you will reach your goals in no time. Fears build up like false evidence and the more you think about it the more real they become.

You gain strength, courage, and self-confidence by every experience in which you really stop and face your fears. When you do the thing which you think you cannot do fear moves from the centre stage into the background.

Try the thing you are fearful of three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it, the second time to learn how to do it and, a third time to figure out whether you like doing it or not.

Start by really understanding yourself

Decide on exactly what are your real fears and what are your real aspirations. Now you will be in a position to focus on moving forward with your aspirations. Almost by magic, you will start to feel your fears diminishing, no matter how small the start happens to be.

Sometimes what holds us back the most is a lack of understanding on how to even get started. Sometimes, just taking one small step in the direction is enough to start improving your motivation and self-confidence.


“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows”. Japanese Proverb


Along the way, you learn and perhaps be inspired by others who have had a similar idea or opportunity as yourself. Let the inspiration guide you and keep on trying new ways. Life is an adventure, so do not be afraid of the unexpected.


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Personal Experience

Once you start seeing yourself as capable, with the strength to get yourself through all the obstacles, you will see all those big fears a waste of energy and, your goals will suddenly seem to be achievable.

It’s easier to take the smaller steps, so keep on taking action every day and see everything as a challenge worth taking on. Inaction breeds doubt and fear, so if you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and start taking action and change the conversations you have been having.




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