Who is destroying your dream?

If you ever think about giving up on your dream, remember dreams need to be grown.


Yes, we all have dreams

We all have regrets about some dreams we would still like to achieve. Unfortunately, not everything that we want and dream about happens. In fact, not even all the things we start working on are ever accomplished. If this is the case, the reason is most likely one of two things:

  1. You are not a ‘finisher’, in other words, you have no system for getting things done and so your dreams become crowded out by day-to-day ‘stuff’.
  2. You are influenced and taken off-track by other people and usually in a negative way. Your dreams were not turned into a concrete vision with appropriate objectives, strategies and actions, This makes you vulnerable and easily pushed into any old direction, apart from the direction of your dreams

The people around us that influence us the most are usually our family, friends and work colleagues.  Often we tend to blindly seek and trust their opinion and their advice,

On the other hand, our family, friends and work colleagues are usually your best supporters and tend to back you no matter how outrageous and unfounded our dreams might be.

The problem usually lies in the fact you have not thought things thri=ough and are therefore unable to articulate your dreams. But people close to you will usually, stand by you providing they don’t consider your latest as just another one of your wild dreams.

In the end, the people around you are going to have a huge impact on your success or failure in implementing your dreams. Sometimes they can steer you off course because they are unable to see the sparks and positive outcomes that can come from a wild and seemingly stupid dream.


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Jim Rohn


Positive influencers could make anything look a lot easier, and encourage you to do whatever it will take to start implementing and becoming a finisher.

The important thing for you to do is recognise the traits of the people you are seeking support and advice from. Either avoid them altogether or make allowances for them so that they don’t destroy your dream and you don’t destroy the relationship.

  • A few will knock the idea because they didn’t think of it.
  • There will be those who are always negative no matter what you say and do.
  • The nonbelievers, the sceptics who always see the glass half
  • Often people can be self-centered and just don’t care about you and your dreams.
  • Some will be more intent on having a good time than giving your good time.
  • Others will be jealous and not support you unless they are involved.
  • Some will be critical just to show how good they are, no matter what.
  • A few will pretend to want to help just to see if there could be a windfall for them.

If you ever think about giving up on your dream, remember dreams need to be grown and mostly you will need the help and support of other good and responsive people.

Look for the people who offer you a 100% commitment now. Be wary of those who offer you 100% commitment, they mean 50% now and the other 50% when your project looks like being successful.

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Personal Experience

If you are to achieve your dreams and enjoy your business, it will be critical to your success to be surrounded by good people who you can trust and who will encourage you in the most positive way. The worst thing you can do is be over confident and to lean on your own understanding.

I have personally, allowed many of the wrong people to sneak into my life. In hindsight, I know that many of them were hangers-on hoping to get a slice of the action and when they didn’t they quickly moved on.

As you become more successful you will find more and more people who just want to hang onto you apron strings and a chance for success without the workload.


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