What if you stay the same?

If you stay the same, be careful you are not the one left with the crumbs?


Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but that can be okay.

Your first priority is to have a long hard look at how you run your business, the customer base that it serves and the problems and frustrations and worries you need to triumph over.

People and businesses who maintain the status quo, never grow and don’t stay in business for very long. This means some changes become necessary to avoid going backwards.

Businesses have a way of accumulating ‘garbage’ as they move along and can continue to build up relentlessly if you don’t do something about it, it can become a crippling burden.

Garbage comes in many forms, emotional, physical, old equipment and old ways of doing things. Something has to give as no matter how hard you try, no matter how committed you are, you can’t ever achieve much, if you keep hauling this garbage along with you.

If you feel as though the harder you try, the more difficult things become, then it is certainly time to have a good hard look at the business and yourself with some help of a good facilitator, coach or experienced mentor.


“The minute you’re satisfied with where you are, you aren’t there anymore”. Tony Gwynn


Nothing ever stays the same

Understand why you want to stay the same. Having satisfied yourself, clearly establish what is it that stands between the aspirations you have for the future and where you are now? Setting goals is always a starting point for a good makeover. Unfortunately, most have very loosely defined goals at best.

Setting goals and having a good Business Model, Business Plan, and Budget is such a fundamental part of achievement for any sized business. The people with these things succeed because they know where they’re going and are able to deal with constant change. If you want to be spending more time with your family and enhance your lifestyle then new approaches and actions need to be taken.

Today there are many tools available to help you to be more efficient, effective and to help you find an optimum growth level. If your business is struggling to show a profit and pay you a decent wage, you are certainly not alone.

The only practical way, particularly in a tough economy, for most businesses to do well, is to either progress through continuous improvement or to find breakthrough strategies revolving around creativity and innovation. 


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Personal Experience:

What will make you stand out from the crowd? Wishing and hoping will not solve your growth problems You need to apply your imagination, recognise the opportunities and become action orientated. Be very careful not to let your business be destroyed by the current reality and lack of growth.




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