Want to become a thought leader in your field?

Thought leaders don’t accept the status quo, they want to make things better.


How do you challenge people to achieve better outcomes?

If you can change the way they feel, it will change the way they think and that will change the outcomes they achieve. People are always challenging my thinking and I love to be challenged because it gives me the opportunity to keep researching and adjusting my ideas when I see that another point of view is valid.

Packaging your knowledge and skills

It’s no good having all that knowledge if no one knows you have it, It’s about packaging what you stand for and believe in. It’s how you think and behave packaged up and presented to the world.

In order to keep improving you need to monetize your activities and this means receiving more recognition and awareness of your special knowledge and abilities?

  • The first thing is to think about and reflect on what you want to be known for and what you really want to achieve. What is it that makes you so passionate, good at what you do, unique and compelling to others? A powerful why gives your presence meaning and helps you to commit.
  • Understand where you are today, where you are in relation to other thought leaders in your industry and what you might have to do to be as good as the best and better than the rest.
  • Update your profile and take advantage of the social media opportunities, starting with a high-quality website and social media platforms that will reach your desired audience.
  • Take time to learn about content marketing and how to write in a manner and language that will resonate with you desired audience. Understand the impact that visual images can have. Don’t overlook the importance of
  • Write up your story, where have you come from and what has led you to this point. People will want to know where you are coming from. What do you really care about and how do you propose to make a contribution.
  • Outline your creative story and innovations you have made and how they can be applied to your target market segments.

“Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas”.  Denise Brosseau

  • Improve the content you have, highlighting why you can and want to be a thought leader. What are the key things that you do better than anyone else? You might need to do some research and explore Big Data.
  • Defined your content sources and expand your reach, be sure to keep your content fresh and up-to-date by being active in your field of endeavour.
  • Identify categories, hashtags and media that will link your knowledge and expertise to the right people.
  • Start blogging on your website. Start blogging about common questions you are asked. This will give you an indication as to what people are looking for. Set a routine and become consistent in producing material. When people respond to you be quick to acknowledge and provide any additional information they might be looking for.
  • Lay down some operating rules, but be selective so that they are in line with your market.   For example, a common rule is that a blog shouldn’t be longer than 300 words, and yet the average word count of top-ranked content is around 1,000 word, known as long-form blogs. The best rules are those that work for you.
  • Move the ‘free line’. Be one of those people who care and like to share. Keeping your knowledge and experience locked up is not going to do you much good. Get it out there and look at how much you are prepared to give away for free so people can start to appreciate who you are and what you can do for them.
  • Build your reputation by building others up, while finding the people who can help you and find ways to keep them excited about helping Perhaps you can do some public speaking, run some workshops and seminars.
  • Comment on other people’s posts share their blogs and do it in a positive way. Negativity will take you nowhere. This will help you build a reputation faster than anything else you can do. Becoming a thought leader is not about you, it’s about being reliable, practical, useful and helpful to your audience.


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Personal Experience:

Marketing your knowledge and experience can be difficult and it can take a lot of time to establish your presence, particularly beyond you local boundaries. But it will have a lot of lifestyle appeal.

Consider why artists have to go overseas to establish themselves. The local people and people you have an acquaintance with will probably never consider you as a thought leader until you are well established. They often think they know you and you work, but in reality, few if any rarely know the full picture.

Sometimes you will feel like you are wasting your time. Don’t stop, keep going and build your presence, it can take years. You will, however, find your value will increase over time as you learn more about being a thought leader, so commitment and persistence will be critical to success.

Run your own race, don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  There will always be people better and worse than you in the marketplace so just aim for the top 10% and be satisfied to let the market carry you on from there.

I hope you find my thoughts reliable, practical, useful and helpful on your journey to being a successful thought leader. It’s not a competition so just focus on being the real authentic, transparent you, just focus on being valuable.




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