Want a process to start following your dream?

Who sits beside you helping you put your dream together?


Unfortunately, there are some common recurring themes to overcome

During my 50 years in business, I have helped and observed many people dreaming of creating a new business, making their existing business better, or simply changing their career. Many have been looking for something where they could enjoy the privilege of helping people every day and changing lives.

There are many things they have had in common, they:

  • Are unsure of their ability to make things happen to achieve their dream.
  • Change of any sort is not handled well, they like their comfort zone.
  • Are having the wrong conversations with the wrong people.
  • Have a nagging fear of failure, the dream will never happen.
  • Are mixing with the wrong people or surrounded by negativity.
  • Can’t get agreement amongst the family.
  • Think that they do not have the resources to actually implement their dream.
  • Don’t understand how business models and money works.
  • Don’t understand the value of external help with objectivity and perspective.
  • Are overwhelmed by what success might bring, if the dream is achieved.
  • Are intimidated by all the things experts tell them they must do.
  • Could make their dream happen if their procrastination was stopped.

There is always a clear cut difference between the successful and the unsuccessful. The difference in habits and decision-making give rise to the types of conversations taking place. Whatever you do avoid the ‘dream takers’, they will only be jealous.

When people’s intuition tells them to say yes to something that was going to make their aspirations come true, they experienced excitement and fear, and they usually let fear win.

The answers lie in knowing how to navigate the transition from where you are now, to where you want to be. This following process has been designed to take you from the unknown to the known so you can start to follow your dream with confidence and vigour.


“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success”.  Dale Carnegie


Helping people implement their dream, vision, objectives, strategies and actions is hard work, which is why we created this process and linked it to the FAQ Knowledge Base.

Adjusting and aligning your thoughts and conversations with successful people will start to have a profound effect.

It will also help in understanding the daily habits that successful people use to fine tune their values and the way in which they go about things. Study their lifestyles for more clues.


The process takes you through ten stages and should not be rushed

Stage 1. Strategic intervention by having new conversations.

Stage 2. Create your future foundation.

Stage 3. The planning stage.

Stage 4. Profitable growth path.

Stage 5. Appropriate systems and processes.

Stage 6. Project planning.

Stage 7. Set up your value chain.

Stage 8. Meticulous measurement.

Stage 9. Conscious culture shift for real success.

Stage 10. Enjoying the fruits of your work.


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Personal Experience

I often hear people say, “Follow your dreams!” Unfortunately few ever do, their life gets in the way.

People become engrossed in the day to day activities in their current situation and fail to devote any time to thinking, reflecting and planning to put their dream into action,

Sometimes we have to do jobs we don’t want to do just to make ends meet, but that should not be used as an excuse, just like having no time and no money is an excuse.

So, start taking small actions today and start to follow your dream. Break the bad habits, stop the procrastination and become action orientated,  if you really want to live the life you’ve always wanted.




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