Think you’re busy, busy doing what?

Busy is good if you’re making honey, but mostly it’s bad.


Feel out of control, things not working for you?

When people ask you how you’re doing, the usual response is, “I’m busy, I have to mush to do, there’s never enough time or money”. It’s like everyone seems to be n a tunnel to nowhere, actually believing there is not a better way to run their modern lifestyle.

Many spend a lifetime being busy, suddenly waking up wondering why they haven’t achieved more with their lives and why they are always tired and having health problems, both physical and mental. Is that what you want for your life?


Overcome the busy, busy syndrome

There is no time like now, today, to stop and reassess the activities you do every day. Just being busy will not take you to where you want to go. Start thinking about some of the following:

  • Busy is unproductive and makes you tired.
  • If you have the busy, busy syndrome it rarely relates to what you want.
  • Do what you like doing and outsource the rest.
  • Have a positive plan for the future.
  • Care about and help others and they will help you.
  • How can you learn to make more use of your time and resources?
  • There are no awards for being busy.


“The time is always right to take action on things that will improve yours and other’s futures”.  Peter Sergeant


Here are some things you might like to use to improve your outcomes:

  • Use a to-do list and learn how to prioritise and manage it.
  • Value your time and put a value on it.
  • Become action orientated.
  • Learn to take short breaks throughout your day.
  • Become a finisher, things must be completed in order to work.
  • Increase your energy levels, diet, exercise and plenty of sleep.
  • Change the conversations you have to be more in tune with your future.
  • Start limiting your usual work week to under 50 hours.
  • Reading some new books and blogs on time management.
  • Become good at delegating and outsourcing,
  • Make more use of modern technology.
  • Do some brainstorming about improving your business and your lifestyle.
  • Listen to your family, colleagues and your customers.
  • Start meditating.
  • Stay close to your family and friends they are your best supporters.
  • Use a Daily Journal to capture and develop your ideas and opportunities.

If you are looking for a breakthrough then act on some of these ideas, because they work. Most tasks you do probably make no or little difference to your future. Being busy is actually a form of procrastination, lazy thinking and unsystematic action.

Avoid negative and negative people. Negative people will not give you the answers you are looking for, but the words they use will weigh you down. Negative people are the enemy of everything worthwhile in your life.


Start by changing your conversations and the words you use

Now, when someone now asks me how I’m doing, try a new response like, “I’m fantastic, I working on some really exciting projects”.

You should focus your conversations and your time on activities that are in alignment with your purpose, vision and objectives. By working on the important, not busy stuff, and you will feel more positive, more alive and more in tune with the life you want o lead.

There is no best way to overcome the busy, busy syndrome. However, if you think you are busy, just ask yourself, “doing what”. Now drop what you are doing and do something important. Even small actions taken every day will add up and start to make a big difference.


“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”.  Peter Drucker


If you find yourself constantly saying “I’m busy,” take a step back for a moment and ask “Am I focusing on what really matters to me and my family”? The upside equals a better life, the downside can lead to burnout and other health problems.


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Personal Experience

When I first started in business at the ripe old age of 19, I too suffered from the busy, busy syndrome, never having enough time to do everything. I was like a chook running around with its head chopped off.

I seemed to be making progress, I was having a great time, but I always had this feeling there was more to life. After a few years of this, I knew I had to find some answers, I knew that this busy, busy approach was not the answer.

Through watching and learning from other people I became convinced that, that by monitoring my own actions and results that just being busy was the enemy of almost everything worthwhile. Simply, there was never enough time to do things that would give me the outcomes I felt were possible.

There must be someone who can show me how to jump off the treadmill and start doing things that would have a gig positive impact on my life? When I started to seek advice I was given the book “The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwarts”. This had an immediate impact and I started to do things differently.

I then bought every book I could find about managing myself and my time and even attended a five-day training program on “Managing your time and your life”. Apart from a few mistakes and failures along the way, my life has been everything I could have wished for.

The research I did, showed me how to learn from my mistakes and failures and that I had to become busy doing important things and just being busy was not the answer. These were the best teachers that taught me the most and continually helped me to adjust my journey through life.

People who keep telling me they are ‘too busy’ are tiresome, seek help to start doing what you love doing and do it well.




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