Do you research trends and issues to improve your future?

What is a trend you’re seeing within your industry and how are you staying ahead of it?



If you identify the trends and issues early enough and you will find it is easier to plan for the changes they will inevitably bring.

If you are looking for ways to change your situation, identify and understand key trends and issues. They can show you opportunities to grow your business and to grow personally.

Failure to do this will not move you quickly from your current situation, but may very well inhibit your progress and your struggles will continue. You will not be able to cope well when there are disruptions, and there will be disruptions.

Examples of marketplace trends:

  • Technology and increasing use of social media.
  • Increasing use of online purchasing.
  • Changing customer wants and needs.
  • Flexible workplace environment.
  • Changing demographics.
  • Pricing and discounting.
  • The local and global economy.
  • Social factors which change behaviour.
  • Mobility.
  • Use of ‘big data’.

Look at what is happening in other countries. Some changes in trends and issues may be a year ahead in another country but could be significant in time to you. Think also about your partnerships and suppliers as they may indirectly or directly be affecting you.


Plan your long-term vision

Every change first occurs as a thought. But just as sheep blindly go through their life, most people’s lives are consumed in thoughtless activities unrelated to a future destination. Many are unknowingly losing the ability to critically think for ourselves.

Without thinking about a longer-term vision, change is unlikely to occur. You will settle for your current situation and fail to strive for more of the things you aspire to.

Allocate time to create and develop a business model that will take you to your vision and spend time developing and managing your business plan and budgets. Create a weekly schedule to manage these important aspects of achieving your vision.


Become focused on making progress

By rising a few hours earlier, you’ll quickly begin to notice how productive every aspect of your life will become. The change will be inevitable as you must find something to do with your newly acquired time.


“Bad news sells papers. It also sells market research” Professor Byron Sharp


Why not try it for 30 days. You will start to push your dreams to do more of the activities you like to be involved in. After 30 days your life is sure to improve and getting out of bed early will become a good habit.

A good formula is very simple. If you go to bed early and wake up early, you will feel amazingly well rested and you will find yourself accomplishing far more during your day. Try starting your day by asking, “What is the one important thing I am going to complete today”?

This habit matters as it encourages you to think about your situation more intensely and about the things that matter in your future.


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Personal Experience

Are you plotting the trends that could mean threats or opportunities for your business, non-profit or community?

If you want to rise to the top and improve performance studying trends and issues will help you along the way. Why?

Because most of your competition will not be studying the trends and issues and are therefore more likely to suffer from disruptions and destructive forces in the marketplace. T

Put yourself in a position to develop a competitive advantage because of the information and knowledge you acquire from your research efforts.




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