Is procrastination killing your lifestyle dream?

Keep saying to yourself “Do it now”. Do not let procrastination get control of your life.



What are you waiting for?

The reason why most people fail to get a start-up or project off the ground is they wait. They wait for conditions to be perfect and of course, they never are. If you are to have any hope of creating the lifestyle you want, procrastination must be mastered and controlled.

When you procrastinate, and we all do it at some time or other, you could easily end up living a life of scarcity and dreading the coming of every new day. Procrastination can cost you everything, including your lifestyle dream.

Procrastination is arguably the biggest reason people never achieve their dreams their dreams, change their lifestyle, or in fact achieve anything worthwhile in their life. I call it the “Killer Disease”.

If you are absolutely flat out, and you haven’t got a minute to spare, then what you are really saying is that you are 100% efficient. You can guess what the answer to that is?

There are temporary advantages of procrastination, but don’t let them creep up on you and ruin your chances to achieve your aspirations. Here are some signs procrastination might be creeping up on you.

  • Satisfies need to escape and reclaim your composure.
  • Helps you to avoid new responsibilities when you are overloaded.
  • It’s nice to be relaxed and out of control, occasionally.
  • Procrastination is a precursor to a good rest.

Procrastination is probably the # 1 biggest cause of time wasting and the reason people are not able to achieve their lifestyle dream. The secret is to identify when you are procrastinating and then knowing the action required to stop it quickly.


What actions can you take to stop procrastination

  • Have a medical checkup.
  • Stop worrying about your health.
  • Set some new and exciting goals.
  • Get advice on your financial problems.
  • Get started on a plan, keep it simple you can get complex later.
  • Stop putting things off; create a daily to do list.
  • Take on the difficult tasks by breaking them down into small manageable
  • Do tasks you don’t like first and you will start feeling better straight away.
  • Improve relationships spend time with your best people, the motivators.
  • Look for new and exciting relationships.
  • Get on top of your job; learn whatever you have to put you in control.
  • Follow through, do one job at a time, do it well and see it through.
  • Get the right amount of sleep.
  • Never blame anyone else.
  • Never complain, take the pain and move on.
  • Make time for the important things; major advances not minor savings.
  • Only handle each piece of paper once, don’t clutter.
  • The shuffling of paper is stress relieving not goal achieving.
  • You will not find the answers in the “bottom of a bottle”.
  • Start exercising, eat healthy food and generally get fitter.
  • Do it now.

Reading quotes about procrastination can be just the wake-up call that you need to get going and keep going on important tasks you’ve been putting off. Find those quotations and start moving in the direction of your dreams.

Nothing is as fatiguing and frustrating as the endless procrastination around to-do lists and uncompleted task day after day, month after month. A year from now you may wish you had taken action to beat your procrastination habit which is stealing your valuable time.


“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task”. William James


Procrastination almost always causes regret. Today’s tasks put off until tomorrow will continually weigh you down and only lead to even more problems and frustrations.

Develop a new habit of doing today’s business today, while focusing on the tasks that are really important to you and delegating or outsourcing the rest. This is the habit that sorts the few from the many.


Some techniques to conquer procrastination

  • Take a lesson from ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’, live one hour at a time.
  • Lay down some exciting new goals and plans.
  • Use a ‘to-do-list’.
  • Make a sincere effort to do one thing you have been putting off for a long time.
  • Do it now.
  • Set some time limits on the tasks you undertake.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Go a different way to work tomorrow.
  • Plan to do something different and exciting tonight with your family.
  • Go somewhere different for lunch today.
  • Go and pay somebody a compliment.
  • Ask somebody to help you.
  • Clean your desk up, or your working environment.
  • Don’t take a holiday, that won’t help. You’re only postponing the problem.
  • List all the tasks you’ve been putting off then either do them or delegate them.
  • Use the ‘salami technique’ – slice off little bits, making it easier to get started.
  • Use ‘balance sheet’ technique – look at the “+” and “-” to help you make a decision.
  • Use the ‘Swiss cheese method’, punches a hole in a large project anywhere and start.
  • Habit changes – do something different, something a little radical and do it now.
  • Get off the ‘calf path’, going down the same old path.
  • Jump in, start anywhere, but start, the longer you wait, the colder the water.
  • Read a self-help, or stimulating book.
  • Learn to start yourself like you start your car – find the key and turn it on.
  • Take action, any action, but take it now.
  • Face your problems square on if you can’t, get immediate help and relieve the pressure.


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Personal Experience

Procrastination is the most sinister issue I know. While I have observed procrastination in many people, well before my health problems. I never believed procrastination could be so sinister when you are under pressure, any pressure either business or health.

I first learned of the sinister nature of procrastination when I read Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” shortly after I was married (46 years ago).  I now know that procrastination can creep up on you at any age and even when you are happy with your business and your lifestyle dream is being realised.

Procrastination can be a ‘killer’. It invites disaster as well as causing you a lot of guilt and added grief.  When you have self-doubt, procrastination becomes a form of escapism. It becomes a very bad habit and putting things off can become incredibly seductive.

Procrastination is death by instalment plan.  It is a scientific fact that ‘a body at rest tends to stay at rest.’ In other words, if you sit there procrastinating the chances are you will stay there procrastinating.

Are you a doer or a procrastinator. a ‘gunner’ with potential? Procrastinators tend to sit there all day compiling lists of how to do things and becoming more and more critical of the people who are actually doing things.




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