Need to quit your real job for a lifestyle you really want?

It may not be Christmas but it might be a good time to give yourself the present you really want.



When will it be a good time for action?

Is it your time to move on to greater things and start to enjoy your lifestyle again?  Do you want to pursue your own lifestyle business? Or is is simply you are so stressed you are worried about burnout. No job is worth suffering from burnout, so if necessary seek help.

Once you’re made the decision to quit, it can pay dividends to think about longer-term and more strategic planning of your future. I have yet to meet a single person who quit a crappy job only to wish they’d stayed on longer.

Working for someone else can be frustrating and tough, particularly if you have aspirations and dreams about doing your own thing.

Sometimes, the pressure grows and it starts to impact your health and well-being because you’re suffering from burnout. Most people will eventually reach a point where it is best to make the break and do your own thing.

Perhaps you are having an agonising experience and just need a break, or you’re having a problem with someone you’d rather avoid.

These are normal frustrations that come with the work environment, but be aware of the underlying frustration of not being able to do your own thing.

You may not be able to avoid your problems and frustrations, but you can learn to manage them better and a new lifestyle business might be a good place to start.

When work starts to feel too much like ‘work’ and you feel like you’re a machine, then the job might not be for you. If you can identify with or are suffering from, any of the following, it’s probably time to make a move and start to do your own thing:


Personal symptoms

  • You find yourself always procrastinating – Are you always putting things off because you really don’t want to do them and never seem to finish what you start? It is important to feel excited and energised about your work, not constantly avoiding it.
  • You’re simply bored with the work – Just thinking about your work makes you feel bored. If you’re bored with your work long enough, something will suffer and the next thing you are out of a job anyway.
  • You have a sick feeling when you think of work – Especially if it feels queasy or nauseous when you start thinking about having to go to work. It’s your nerves telling you that something is seriously wrong and the stress is getting to you.
  • Motivation is only a meaningless word – There is no challenge anymore. You feel like you’ve done it all and there’s nothing challenging enough to keep you motivated and happy. You feel apathetic with no up-and-at-em left in
  • You no longer feel valued – When you feel that your company doesn’t value you, or you feel they don’t care about you anymore, it’s time to go. You deserve to feel appreciated and valued as a person and for your contribution to your company.
  • You never smile at work anymore – Think about the last time something happened at work that made you Perhaps the environment has become drab; everyone seems too serious and people are not encouraged to have fun as they work.
  • Your playing games – If you’re spending most of your workday on the internet shopping or playing games, perhaps it’s time to make better use of your time doing something else with your life.


“Hanging on in the hope that things might get better can be a waste of your time and talents and spoil future possibilities”. Peter Sergeant


  • You are bad tempered and aggressive with your family – You spend a third of your life working which means what happens at work can change your whole attitude to life, family and friends.
  • You think anything new will be just as bad – That’s a load of rubbish, it has more to do with the environment than you. There are plenty of great opportunities out there, many of which you have never ever thought about and could handle easily.
  • Mondayitis lasts all week – If you get a case of the Mondayitis on Sunday afternoon, and feel that you’re dreading work every evening for the entire week until Friday mercifully rolls around, then you’ve mentally checked out of work.
  • You worry about money – Quitting a job can be a bit scary for some. But what is the price of staying if you are unhappy? It can ruin your work life, your marriage, your family, your health, your self-esteem and your sanity, a little bit more every day.


Symptoms associated with the company you are working for

  • Your values are not congruent with the company’s – If there’s no sign that this will be changing soon and your values will eventually match up, chances are you’re going to continue being miserable.
  • You don’t fit in – Why spend all of your time somewhere that you don’t want to be? Often what your company wants and what you want aren’t the same. It just doesn’t feel right when you are not striving for the same vision.
  • You realise there’s no room for you to grow – Maybe taking the next rung up the ladder is the logical next step for you, but you know that won’t be happening anytime Either move on or continue to suffer.
  • You have invested so much in this job already – You may have sacrificed a lot of time and energy already in attempts to make things better, making it more difficult for you to call it quits. Quit anyway and stop throwing a good time after bad.
  • You don’t like the culture – You should at least enjoy your co-workers and have satisfaction in your work. Cultural differences can create a number of barriers to your development and enjoyment of work.
  • You don’t get along with your boss – If you and your boss can’t get along and work things out, it may be time to quit and move on to greener pastures. Having a boss that doesn’t support you, can make your life hell.
  • You’re worried the company will bad-mouth you – You value your reputation dearly and are afraid the company will impact negatively on any future activities you become involved with. This can be particularly so in a small community.

Never try and convince yourself that it’s worth staying in a situation you don’t like. It will only end up being harmful to you and your family’s situation. Bad situations can also end up seriously impacting your health and wellbeing. You have probably heard it said that an empty house is better than a bad tenant.


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Personal Experience

From my experience, the average person I know does not enjoy either their work or their lifestyle. They struggle with their current situation just to pays the bills and maintain the status quo. They are either indifferent to their circumstance or they absolutely hate it.

You know you’re not a quitter, but the old saying torments you. The old saying that “Winners never quit and quitters never win” is just plain wrong. Leaving a bad job just makes perfect common sense.

Keep in mind the old sayings like: “It’s better to have an empty house than a bad tenant”, or “It’s better to wear out than rust out”, or “done is better than perfect”

The difference between lifestyle success and failure could come down to one single factor. Have you got what it takes to make the commitment? Done is better than waiting for the perfect moment to resign.




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