Need a powerful way to move closer to your lifestyle dream?

Find a nice place to relax, think and reflect on your lifestyle dreams.



STOP! Don’t let your life slip away, it’s the only one you have

Don’t be one of those people who make the move to change their lifestyle, only when change is forced upon them.

These ideas will be helpful in moving you closer to your elusive dream. Making a breakthrough will become easier when you apply a few simple things.

Most people are heading back to work this week, just as they have done for the past few years. This typically spells the end of their aspirations for many.

If you fear you will be part of that 90% of people who go through life wondering whether they could have started a lifestyle business, make today the time to start taking action.


Start by increasing your belief levels

You have to believe that achieving your lifestyle dreams is possible, despite what obstacles you might be seeing. The one thing that is better than learning from your mistakes, is learning from the mistakes of others.


“Create new conversations, which will lead to new relationships, better health, better businesses and nicer places in which to live”. Peter Sergeant


If you firmly believe that you can be successful, you will start tapping into your potential. We become what we think about and self-doubt is the enemy of dreams. To be really successful you need a very high belief level in all of these areas:

  • Belief in your chosen lifestyle business.
  • Belief in the industry you will be associated with.
  • Belief in your ability to be successful.
  • Belief in your products and services.
  • Belief in your community. As you support them, so they will support you.


Here are some actions you can take

Stop procrastinating. Success doesn’t happen by chance. Getting going is like getting a boat up on the plane. It takes a lot of effort before it becomes easy. To me, luck is what you have when you win the lottery and you haven’t bought a ticket.

Develop a clear vision. Often we have clear dreams but hazy thinking on how to convert those dreams into reality. In order to hit a target, you must know the location of your target. You have to be crystal clear with what you want in order to achieve it. Until you create the time to think about what you want and the ‘why’, you will keep spinning your wheels.

Become good at planning. Most people get so busy with day-to-day living that they don’t make the time to think about what steps we need to take. Start by planning your day with a to-do-list. The key is to focus on what you want to accomplish so you can focus on what is important. Your Business Model, Business Plan, and Budget are three key documents.

Become action orientated. Only actions can produce the results you are looking for and only when we are thinking consciously will our thoughts carry the power to execute. Most people are lazy and they tend to procrastinate on what they are supposed to do to make their goals come true. Therefore, decide right now that you will put in 100% commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, not 50% now and the other 50% when your dream looks like being successful.


“You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage, pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically, to say “no” to other things. And the way you do that is by having a bigger “yes” burning inside. The enemy of the best is often the good. Stephen Covey


Don’t spend money unless it will move you closer to your dream. Usually, you would not spend a large amount of our own money without understanding the value to be gained. When buying a car you will research which models you like, their fuel economy and safety ratings and then make a decision based on price, lifestyle, and economic merit. While money value is easy to assess, the lifestyle factors are more difficult to evaluate but still critical to your decisions in shaping your future.

Practice continuous learning.  As the global competitiveness and technology continue to evolve and disrupt traditional ways of doing things, we must always be in a continuous learning mode. The reason you may not have already started to achieve your dream is that there were gaps in your knowledge. The answer is to associate with people who have the practical experience you require., You can read books, attend seminars, and workshops or look for mentors to coach you.

Perfection could slow you down. The perfect time, the perfect method, the perfect idea can all be illusions that keep you distracted from your dreams. They may be disguised as excuses: “when the kids grow up… when I have more time or more money… when I really know how to…”. Often these are simply lies we tell ourselves to avoid getting started. There is no such thing as a perfect idea or a perfect method. Many ideas can be effective if we back them with a sense of purpose and then learn and adjust as we move forward.


Lifestyle businesses can contribute to your community

You are part of the ‘engine room’ of our country’s future economic growth, the health and well-being and the stability of our Nation. Your contribution is vital, even though it may not be recognised. Be proud of your dreams and what they can achieve.

Be excited and enthusiastic about your future and the contribution you are making to your community. Motivated people work more effectively, efficiently and have more fun. It becomes infectious across their community.

If you experience difficulty don’t be afraid to “ask for help”. Become part of a supportive community that helps people by having their problems clarified and solutions implemented.

Decision-making and problem-solving are critical if you want to move closer to your lifestyle dream. Make more timely and speedy decisions and practice continuous improvement in everything they do, ensuring the successful materialising of their dreams.


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Personal Experience

I know that everyone’s lifestyle dream is different. For some, it’s economic freedom to do as they please when they please. Some want the time to give to others, spend with family, travel and the like.  Copying someone else’s lifestyle dream is not the answer.

To me, a lifestyle dream has a greater and deeper meaning. It is the time to educate myself and my family. I make health and well-being a priority. There is no point working your life to gain a fortune only to spend it all to regain your health.

After50 years of working hard I have learned to work smarter, leveraging my time to improve my productivity and satisfaction beyond what I ever thought possible.

Creating a lifestyle that you truly love would probably not include working 10 to 15 hours a day and certainly not seven days a week.  It really is not that complicated but as in anything, it takes action to achieve results.

Start one thing, do it well, see it through then begin another. Soon you will have mastered multiple methods of achieving your lifestyle dream.  Money is not a lifestyle and is not necessary to improve your lifestyle and move closer to your lifestyle dream.




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