Need a fast start program to get back on your feet?

A plate full of protein and a few beers is not conducive to restoring good health and well-being.


Use these 21 steps to assist you in designing your own special program

It’s easy to walk through the ins and outs of getting you and your business back on your feet. It can take many months, wake up, do this, do that, then the other thing. Run errands, help with the kid’s homework, log hours talking to the office.

To bring sanity into your life again set a program that will work well for you and your family while bringing the business back up to speed:

  1. Learn to operate any new tools and processes to leverage your time.
  2. Review your policies and procedures. Make sure they will be effective.
  3. Understand your customer base, identify changes in your market segments.
  4. Review planning and other business development skills, including marketing skills.
  5. Set training program, particularly for new marketing skills, social media, content marketing etc.
  6. Reorganise marketing materials, including the website. Everything starts with a sale.
  7. Review personal habits, dress standards, attitudes and personal state of mind.
  8. Review values making sure they will be congruent with your staff and
  9. Prepare personal life for heavy time commitment during the recovery
  10. Set up the systems and processes and prepare your working environment.
  11. List people to contact and put into your contact management database.
  12. Establish Centres of Influence who will help you with your recovery.
  13. Establish a list of initial calls to make on the potential strategic partnerships.


“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets you to the wrong place faster”. Stephen R. Covey


  1. Introduce new technology you need and have been putting
  2. Establish a clearly defined work schedule, putting balance in your life.
  3. Improve your thought leadership and writing skills.
  4. Adjust your business model and start to rework your business plan.
  5. Keep score and report on key activities.
  6. Consolidate lead and opportunity generation and nurturing
  7. Be enthusiastic at all times.
  8. Clearly, identify your strengths and put into it as much passion as you can muster.

All of the above can be undertaken in your home office environment with a minimum of travel and physical involvement during the recovery phase. Some of the above items could well of bee things you have been putting off.

Keep firmly in mind, what you sow is what you reap.


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Personal Experience:

By setting up a fast-start program for you and your business you can bet that you will exceed all your expectations and hasten the recovery at the same time. Nothing breeds success like success.

As you recover and start to grow your business again you will be surprised the new thinking you will apply in a more satisfactory way. But don’t forget to keep up with the doctor’s appointments, your recovery is still your most important priority.

For many years we have seen a decline in the materialism and a progression toward something quite different. Now you are getting back on your feet start to place a bigger focus on your customer experience.  The result achieved by improving your customer experiences versus acquiring products will improve your sales and give you more feelings of contentment.




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