How well will your men’s shed go without you?

Technology will play a big part in supporting your men’s shed in your absence.



You must be brutally honest with yourself as you ask these questions

If you can answer these questions fully, you can start to build your business to where it does not require your constant involvement.

  • Can you identify the things only you can do? There is usually only a very small number of tasks which you alone can and need to do?
  • Where can others help you? While you will never disassociate yourself from your men’s shed completely, but can you build a team which can implement purpose, vision and objectives, because you have trained them?
  • How can I let people do their jobs without micromanaging? Have I built a strong team and created clear work flows, and give my team the freedom to get things done with the actions they see fit?
  • Can you take a holiday? Do I really believe I must be there to make all the decisions or, do I have the right team in place to keep the business running in my absence?

It’s not easy to entrust others to build something you have created. However, it is necessary if you want the ability to pursue other interests and even have a holiday and generally enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Men’s sheds which grow well have one thing in common. The management is comfortable letting the men’s shed run without their direct involvement in all its operations. It is always the time to make the needed changes.


“It is clear to me that the ability to run a good men’s shed is transferred to the staff and members through the good processes,  good training and good governance”. Peter Sergeant


Let go to go forward

The partnerships are the key and thinking beyond your traditional partnerships will yield new results for you. You definitely need to think outside the box and find new ways to work for and with members.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Thinking outside the box means wild ideas might just work”. You will learn as much, if not more, from our failures as our successes and it’s going to take your best efforts to mitigate against adverse activities in your absence.

You should be open to sharing your work. We are all trying to address similar issues and we can and should learn from each other in order to benefit the members and the community.

In men’s sheds, the visions are usually those of the person who started it. They have the clear ideas about the activities they plan to have. Moreover, they often have to be in all places at all times, taking care of every detail.

Unfortunately, this 100% hands-on management does not permit the staff and members to mature. Why should they bother to think, if the boss has all the answers?


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Personal Experience

I have found it to be true what my father always used to say that the farm ran better when he was away. A simple philosophy because good employees (and members) will step up to the plate and do everything they can to win your praise and respect when you return from a break.

To overcome the stresses and strains of a fast-growing men’s shed, the manager must delegate responsibility so people can learn to operate in their absence.




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