How to implement an inexpensive improvement program?

A few basic tools and good attitudes can do wonders in improving your operations.



Make life easier and achieve objectives faster

It is critical that you keep improving your business and avoid it becoming stale. Your employees have you to hold them accountable to achieve improvements, but who holds you accountable when you have limited time and resources?

Who makes sure you actually achieve the goals you set for the organisation through continuous improvement?  Unless you have external advisors it’s all too easy to let things slip in a busy working environment.

Our I-AM Program makes it easier to uncover weaknesses on purpose and have them fixed. The program will also encourage creativity and innovation for everyone on the team.


The I-AM Program (Improvement a Month Program)

The I-AMProgram is designed to focus people on the importance of continuous improvement in building a strong, efficient and sustainable business or non-profit organisation.

  • Each person makes one improvement in, or to, the organisation, or even in their community, each month.
  • Draw up a list of people involved, with a column for the action and a column for the completion date (See the following form).
  • Only one improvement per person per month.
  • The improvement should cost less than $50, or another small sum.
  • A prize is given for the best improvement each month. This might be a dinner for two or some other special treat.
  • The participants select the winner each month.
  • Appoint someone to organise and follow up the program.
  • Improvements costing nothing are obviously preferred. But sometimes a tin of paint, a pane of glass,  or a new door hinge may need to be purchased.

Making improvements is the responsibility of everyone, not just the boss.

Imagine having 10 people, making 10 improvements to the organisation each month, or 120 improvements during the year. If you don’t think this is worthwhile just observe the little things that need fixing but keep being put off.


“A person can perform only from strength. One cannot build performance on weakness, let alone on something one cannot do at all”.  Peter Drucker


Multiply that by 100 businesses in the community and you can clearly see the impact such a program can have.

It is not the size of the improvement that matters it is the number that is achieved and the awareness and attitude that it can stimulate.

You will find that many employees and volunteers will actually make more than one improvement in any given month, as there is always plenty to do.


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Personal Experience

Many businesses, non-profits organisations and communities are strapped for cash. However, that shouldn’t stop you from building achieving your purpose and vision one step at a time. There are always plenty of improvements that can be made, it just requires a catalyst.

So, find ways to improve without breaking the bank. Ask your employees and volunteers to pitch in. I find that most people are eager to help when they can, but they need to be asked.




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