How to find suitable premises for a men’s shed?

What will you do if available premises are too small?



Suitable premises boils down to availability and preferences

Some will want to get an old shed or building and restore it, while others will want a newer, more modern facility, still, others could want to build a new one. The beauty of an older shed is that it may be more readily modified to suit your requirements and it won’t matter if it gets damaged slightly.


Shed size considerations

  • What is needed now?
  • What is needed in the future, short and longer-term?
  • The must haves:
    • Workshop facilities.
    • The coffee and meeting room.
    • Toilets and disabled facilities.
    • Training room (could double with the meeting room).
    • Parking area for the men and visitors.
    • Office facilities would be very desirable.
    • Grounds for outdoor activities.
  • It is always better to settle on something that is bigger than you need right now. This allows space for expansion, which you will more than likely need, sooner rather than later.
  • Keep in mind that there may be an opportunity to incubate a new business or two and this will require some extra space.


“The hunt for the ideal men’s shed for your community will take time and patience, it is rare for the ideal premises to arrive overnight, compromises will need to be made”. Peter Sergeant


Location of your men’s shed

  • The shed should be located as close to the main street, or centre of town as possible, in order to allow for:
    • Quick and easy access for people and visitors.
    • A higher profile, making it easy to find.
    • Easy access to shops and support services.
    • There is plenty of activity around the shed.
    • There must be easy access for gofers, and walkers.
    • There must be easy access to the utilities.
  • Obviously, there are plenty of opportunities away from the main streets of the community. These locations, like show grounds, tend to be lonely places and not conducive to retaining membership.
  • There will be opportunities to share premises.
  • Are there any noise, or other pollution factors to consider.

You may not be able to get immediately just what you want, which means you may need to look at some interim accommodation. This will allow you to start recruiting members and gathering resources.

Keep in mind that temporary things can tend to become permanent.


Why not have a mobile men’s shed attached to your base


Mobility is an important factor with elderly and disabled people.


A mobile men’s shed opens up many more opportunities.

  • For men’s health extension work.
  • For transporting the men’s shed members.
  • A men’s shed’s mobile community workshop.
  • For on the job training in the community.



What about a flying men’s shed in the outback?


What about a floating men’s shed in local waterways


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Personal Experience

How you propose to balance health and well-being, culture and lifestyle with economic outcomes will be a big determining factor on the most suitable premises for your men’s shed.

While finance will be important, where there is a will there will be a way.




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