How to create a content marketing plan?

Perhaps it’s time you created a content marketing plan to open more doors.



Why create a content marketing plan?

Creating a content marketing plan can serve as the framework for each piece of content you create and aligning it with your purpose, vision and objectives.

By simply having a clear and concise plan to refer back to, you are able to define both your own goals but it also helps you to more accurately address the problems, frustrations, wants and needs of your target market segments.

Your content marketing plan will provide you with a big advantage over the noise in the marketplace.  Your content will then do more than simply sell products or services, it can also educate, change conversations and set you up as a recognised thought leader in your field.


“Without a content plan the frustration of always being asked how it works, how to make money out of it, where will it lead you,  and who’s it for, can be demotivating”. Peter Sergeant.


Content marketing can help to create your competitive advantage and establish your positioning and branding in the marketplace.

Creating content can be very time sensitive and involve a lot of time and resources making it very important for your plan to include a cost/benefit analysis in order to focus your attention of the reason for doing it.


Some important question to address

  • Who will your content be aimed at?
  • What core values do you associate with content marketing?
  • What problems and frustrations do I solve?
  • What are the true benefits of my content?
  • What format will my content take?
  • How much content do I need to produce?
  • What timelines will be important?
  • When is my best time to create content?
  • Who will edit my work?
  • Who will do the photography, diagrams and other creative work?
  • Will I use external writers?

Spend real time exploring these questions making sure your content will be aligned with your purpose, vision and objectives.

Use your plan as a guide for how you interact, engage, and treat your audience through your content. Some people find after they have been writing for a short period that they actually enjoy it. This is when if becomes easy to let your writing consume you, so the plan can kick in and keeps you focused.


What type of content do you want to create?

Keep in mind you will be dealing with multiple market segments with different requirements and multiple channels of communication.

  • Website information.
  • Social media profiles.
  • Blog posts.
  • Tweets.
  • Articles.
  • eBooks
  • Webinars.
  • Presentations.
  • Videos.
  • Tools and processes.
  • Checklists.
  • And so on…

It is important to include quality photographs and diagrams in your work.


Implementing your content marketing plan

Once you have created your plan, preferably with your team, organise all the resources you will need. You might find creating checklists and standard processes for your content writing and content marketing most useful.

Your team should be comfortable and familiar with the plan that they begin identifying ideas and opportunities to keep your content fresh and relevant to your market. Look for ways to participate and get the messages out for their particular roles.

If your team has a clear understanding of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, they’re more likely to take emotional ownership. They are more likely to create new and better conversations with your customers and prospective customers. A good content marketing plan can create ripples throughout your entire organisation and community.


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Personal Experience

A vision for your content marketing doesn’t appear overnight and is always a work in progress. The vision could be anything from changing attitudes to building the best business you can.

Communicate it and be honest about what you want to achieve. Run a dashboard, not a leaderboard. I find that if I care too much about what others are doing I become distracted. Customers and readers of your content will appreciate you being authentic and transparent.

Don’t care too much about what others are doing. Do your own thing, write about the things you are passionate about and follow your plan. And when creating a content marketing plan, remember it doesn’t need to be much more than a one-page plan. It simply needs to reflect your ultimate purpose, vision and objectives along with some timelines and action orientation.




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