How effective is your business community?

What needs to be done to improve your business community, it services and its outlook.


Without good businesses, you don’t have a good community

Academics and governments still tend to discuss how global forces shape the choices we need to make about our communities, rather than the needs of the real people who live there.

It’s great to think in terms of ‘community development’ and ‘community strategies’, but it is the individual choices and actions that are the primary drivers of a thriving community. And it is these choices and actions that are so important for academics and governments, at all levels, to come to grips with if they are to have any real impact.

Without large capital expenditure, growth and prosperity can only come about through increasing entrepreneurial participation and this only requires a catalyst, to provide you with endless opportunities to build an effective community.

It is now well known across the world that trying to attract new businesses to a community is in the main a failed strategy. The real message is to start working with the people and resources you already have.


“Create new conversations, that will lead to better relationships,  better health and better businesses as well as nicer places in which to live”. Peter Sergeant


Being involved with a network or cluster can help businesses to thrive. Business owners who get involved with co-working spaces and networking hubs, including business incubators during the start-up phase, multiply their chances of success.

Whatever challenges you face as a business owner, they can be eased with the help of a solid network of contacts working in harmony. Taking the initiative to become involved can help your business or not-for-profit organisation grow while helping the community to thrive and become a better place to live.

Businesses need to know how to build business connections because running any organisation by yourself is too hard. You need to be able to access a range of skills and resources to compliment your own.

To leverage what is possible the key elements include the businesses, not-for-profit organisations and the community at large with people as the central focus.

A simple focus, get people, non-profits and businesses working, caring and sharing.



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Personal Experience:

Boy, have I seen taxpayers money wasted on community development, money that would have been far better spent giving incentive to the existing business community.

A classic case was where a local government embarked on a program to attract new big business to their community. They even set up a special corporation, employed expensive people and spent tens of thousands of dollars and the result:

  1. No worthwhile business was
  2. The existing business community was up in arms because nothing was ever offered to help them grow and employ more people.

I believe the important thing to remember is that if you grow the existing businesses, they will automatically grow the community, improve services and create more jobs. I also know that procrastination can and does cost communities endless opportunities to start businesses from in the ranks of the unemployed or underemployed.

Home-based business and lifestyle business have become a feature of successful communities, particularly in regional and remote communities.


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