How do I make breakthroughs?

Sometimes you just have to punch a hole in the issue and get on with it.


How do you make a breakthrough

Everyone wants to make breakthroughs to a better business, better job and a better life. Following are some things to consider:

  • Increase your belief level to achieve the breakthroughs you are seeking.
  • Staying excited and motivated about what you do.
  • Banish the fear of failure and get on with it.
  • Outsource all non-core activities so you can focus on a breakthrough.
  • Seek out good partnerships and alliances for your value chain.
  • Improve your new opportunity generation activities.
  • Develop a plan that will work for you, good strategies lead to good outcomes.
  • Seek external objectivity/perspective on a breakthrough you are trying to achieve.
  • Utilise good systems and processes.
  • Seek support from your family, breakthroughs can take a lot of extra time.
  • Engage partnerships with resources that can assist with a breakthrough.
  • Don’t lean too heavily on your own understanding.
  • Become more action orientated, start living life and stop watching it go by.
  • Eat well, exercise well, sleep well and time management won’t be a problem.


“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”. Mark Twain


A daily feed of ideas, opportunities and motivation

Revisit all your sources of daily news, opportunities, information and knowledge. Be ruthless you can only handle so much before it overloads or overwhelms you.

By reducing your feed you become more selective and have the time to put new things into action. Overload just clogs up your system.


Outsourcing is a real key

Most smaller enterprises are so bogged down with routine activities that they have no time to raise their head and have a look around. A look at what is really going on the marketplace and how they can take advantage of the opportunities opening up

Outsource all your non-core activities and you will free up your time for more important things relating to your future and you will be able to reduce costs at the same time. Outsourcing is not a cost, it is and investment.

Achieving your vision requires concerted and coordinated efforts that adhere to a broader organisational plan of your future. This is enabled through consistent strategies that are supported by staff at all levels.

Staff, are usually sick of doing the basic stuff every day when they know it can be done cheaper and more effectively by outsourcing and they can start working on more interesting projects and help you better in making breakthroughs.


Innovation powers up breakthroughs

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of making breakthroughs, whether it be a new robot or a new lifestyle, it will require your creativity and imagination to create worthwhile breakthroughs.

Innovation drives the productivity and performance of any business, non-profit or community, and can help you grow and improve your whole outlook. Innovation can lead to breakthroughs in many areas:

  • More efficient and effective work processes.
  • Better working environment.
  • Saving time and money.
  • More motivated and enthusiastic employees and volunteers.
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Driving sales and results.
  • Improve your business’s agility and responsiveness.
  • Provide you with a competitive advantage.


Start writing

Keep a daily Journal to jot down new ideas and inspirations. Use it to develop your ideas and opportunities with words, diagrams and photographs.

Writing will help you to clarify your thoughts. Breakthroughs rarely just pop into your head without a catalyst and writing is a good catalyst.

Getting important ideas down alleviates the stress of losing your thoughts to time or from an overcrowded mind. Information will usually stick better when it’s learned and re-written in your own words.

Instead of wasting time procrastinating, consider hitting the ground running by sitting down and writing something while you’re sipping your coffee. You can either list a bunch of topics on slips of paper or just pull one ‘out of a hat’ to write about each day. You will be surprised just how breakthrough ideas start to accumulate.


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Personal Experience:

You will know you have made a breakthrough when all you have to do is reply to customer emails and your work/life balance is great, your lifestyle is great and you have plenty of time for family and friends.

I find that writing, business plans, blogs, posts, articles, presentations, in fact, anything helps me to improve my frame of mind, well-being, and it certainly reduces my stress levels. I look forward to writing something every day, particularly early in the morning when my time is my own and I am most productive.

I know that thought leadership is one benefit of writing and often leads to breakthroughs in thinking, idea and opportunity development.




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