Have you evaluated your achievements?


Careful evaluation can lead to a new dawn and a new beginning.


The best outcomes are achieved when you measure what we manage.

Improvements in your health and well-being, your work/life balance and satisfaction with what you are doing with your time and resources can come from making progress towards your personal goals.

However, your goals need to be aligned with your vision of the future and what you want to achieve.  If you’re committed to something for external reasons such as pleasing a boss, you won’t see the same emotional improvements when you make your first steps.

By measuring your progress and achievements it will help you to walk the talk. In doing so, you will realise your potential physically, mentally and emotionally. By measuring it will help you to keep focused on your passion and strengths, along with the opportunities you dream about.

It is your passion and strengths that will determine the actions you take on your journey. These are measured, not by how much money you have in the bank, but by your family friends and colleagues, the projects you champion, along with the community you live in.

There is little point in setting a goal and taking the first step if you will never know whether you were successful or not. To determine the level of success that you achieve, you must be able to measure your progress. When you measure your progress you can see how you’re coming along and this is a powerful motivator to help you stick with it.


“It can be too hard doing it by yourself. Sometimes you need someone to give you objectivity and perspective”. Peter Sergeant


Evaluate your first steps.  When it comes to building a highly profitable and sustainable business, choosing the right products and services is without a doubt a most important piece of the puzzle.

To help you evaluate if you have a viable and profitable idea or opportunity on your hands, the following will show you how to evaluate your achievements and ensure you’re building your business on a stronger foundation.

  • Is it customer oriented, not selfishly oriented?
  • Does it provide a way of creating a good future, is it viable?
  • Does it put your future into clear focus?
  • Will it create innovation, is there a reasonable chance of success?
  • Will it be strong enough to see past barriers and problems?
  • Will it cause people to open their thinking?
  • Will it motivate and inspire the stakeholders?
  • Can people realistically believe it possible?
  • Is it unique?
  • What is the degree of difficulty?
  • Was it worthy of everyone’s best efforts?


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Personal Experience:

A critical first step in making sure you’ve picked a winner is evaluating the market demand, existing competition and the viability of the product itself.

Get this step wrong and you run the risk of wasting your time and energy, or worse, sinking your money into something that won’t work for you. Get it right and you set yourself up for success.

And when you do have a successful achievement be sure to celebrate with those involved.



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