Should you find a community that wants start-ups?

Your family and recreation will be a very important consideration, they too have to live there.


Where should you move to?    

Where should you move to? Where will you feel at home? These are complicated questions with many variables to consider. Starting or, relocating a business in a new community can be daunting.

Whether opening a new business, expanding an existing one or when seeing new markets, many will spend time evaluating the community in which they choose to set up the business and/or live in. Finding and preparing new premises, moving the family and employees and settling into to a new community all require detailed planning.

Choosing where you’ll start your business and live when moving to a new community is a huge decision. It can have a huge impact on how comfortable you feel in your new surrounds and on how successful your relocation will turn out to be for your family and your other stakeholders.

With the enthusiasm, economic growth and identity you bring to a new community, there should be a reward for your efforts almost immediately. To succeed in a new location, you must embrace it, its people and invest in it, if you want the community to respond positively towards you, your family and your business.


Your family

If you’re the one starting or moving a business, questions about the living environment for you family will be very important. This is a fundamental issue you must address before you plant your roots. If you don’t you will soon have a very unhappy family and will need to relocate again.

Keep in mind researching local communities can be a time-consuming and costly process and involve a lot of travel and accommodation. Make it fun for the whole family and any key employees you wish to take with you.

Becoming involved in a new community that you have carefully chosen, can make certain your business and family form lasting relationships. Everyone can become excited with all the new experiences.


“When you can let go of old thinking, you can start to achieve your aspirations”. Peter Sergeant


Create a short list of communities you like

The easiest place to find information about a community should be its website and social media sites. Communities with engaging, information-packed sites lean more toward being small business-friendly than those with poorly built, academic-looking websites.

These websites can also be invaluable to new business owners looking to share information and knowledge with potential clients and employees.

What kind of community do you want to set up in?  Will there be hidden dysfunction that could impede your progress?  Basic considerations for your short list might include:

  • Big city, suburban or regional
  • Regional, rural and remote versus city living, they are quite different.
  • Small village, close to a big centre.
  • Coastal or inland.
  • The remoteness of the location.
  • Distance from other family and friends.
  • Temperatures and rainfall.
  • Closeness to a capital city.
  • Health services available.
  • The diversity of education.
  • Transport services.
  • Broadband services
  • Business services.
  • Living affordability, Real Estate prices.
  • Future environmental problems.


Marketing considerations

Before you work on the details of choosing a community, consider the following:

  • Where is your target market located, will it be easy to service?
  • Is there a demand for your product or service in the community or region?
  • Will the location you like best be able to service your chosen markets.
  • How will you fit in with or stand out from the local competitors?
  • Will you have appropriate branding or image for your chosen community?
  • Will you be able to adequately staff your business from the local market?
  • Will the community be close enough to your suppliers?
  • Is the local government pro or anti business?
  • What is the political scene like?
  • Are the people friendly towards the type of business you propose?
  • Will people in the community be eager to help?


Financial considerations

  • Will you have to do extensive renovations before you can move in?
  • How much are property taxes? Are there income tax considerations?
  • Could you pay less by choosing to start up in another state?
  • Can you afford to pay your employees at least the minimum wage for the area?
  • Do you qualify for any government programs or incentives?
  • Might you qualify somewhere else?
  • Are there any government grants to help you set up in a particular community.
  • Never overlook in-kind support services that might be offered to you.


  • Can you legally conduct your type of business in the chosen community?
  • If you want to make renovations or changes to the building, are there any legal, or heritage, restrictions?
  • Are you going to run into restrictions because of zoning laws in the community?


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Personal Experience

Ensure that your family and your team feel empowered and genuinely excited about the location you choose for your business.

I remember a lady once who wouldn’t move to a particular community because you didn’t like the choice of flowers in the community parks and gardens. Silly I know, but it can be the little things that cause the problems.




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