Do your old practices need reworking?

Playing the same old tune usually leads to boredom and loss of favour.



Old thinking won’t always solve new problems

It’s not your age that holds you back from failures, it is more likely an outdated way of thinking. Sometimes you can feel off centre, or out of control which can be a little scary. If you’re off balance, it doesn’t help you to cope and do what you need to do, let alone doing something new or radical.

You may feel like giving up as no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t change anything. This is the time to rework or re-engineer your business practices. Take time to find the best practice in your industry or community.

Are you thinking too small? Do you have the fear of thinking big, or are you over thinking your problems? Overcoming old practices that are no longer working will not happen if you’re a shrinking violet.

No one will deliver success on a platter to you. You have to take some action, even if it’s just picking up the phone and talking to and advisor or someone who cares.  “If it’s going to be, then it’s up to me”.

When it comes to new thinking or thinking big, the main drawback is the fear of failure. Fear can be overwhelming and can take over your problem-solving and decision-making process until you become irrational and disorganised. Gather people around you that can help you think as big as you really need.


Be prepared to experiment and make mistakes

Too many people default to opportunities and roles that are available to them because they are not prepared to make mistakes. This means opting for comfort and avoiding opportunities that will test their determination to be successful.

Successful people believe a lot of their ability to take on big projects, is an inherent confidence and a desire to push them. Like the tortoise, you only make progress when you stick your neck out and take the risk of having it chopped off. They don’t ever think they can’t do it. Instead, they are too busy thinking how they can start the opportunity.

To those people around you, taking the big step may be a huge risk, but if it is well considered, it could be the most exhilarating thing you have ever done. Experience helps you to consider things better and to understand the risks versus the benefits.

Unconstrained thinking can lead to failure. The old saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” is still relevant today in every aspect of life as it helps you to think about things and put them into perspective.


“Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work”. Bette Davis


You may say you don’t have time to plan and have too many important things to do but if you think about it, managing your affairs to accomplish your goals is something worth planning and getting some help with? Just keep in mind that planning practices have been greatly improved over the last few years.

Successful people generally have a strong sense of self and their ability to take on challenges which tend to increases with age and experience. They become braver because they realise failing to achieve a goal is not the worst thing that can happen.

But if you procrastinate and over-think things, you won’t ever do them. In today’s world you will rarely have all the facts you need to make a decision, so you need to trust your intuition and experience and go for it.

In terms of risk mitigation, your attitude to risk will play a big role in changing your practices for the better. Identify the worst-case scenario, assess whether a negative outcome is something you can live with and then make a decision.

Self-doubt is the enemy of all of us, so learn to live and manage the risks rather than fear them and you will be on a course of continuous learning and improvement in your practices.


Poor presentations do not give the right messages

Your personal appearance can kill your relationships and your organisation? Perfect grooming should be your first responsibility when you meet new people or go for an interview of any kind, irrespective of who it is.

First impressions still count and poor personal appearance such as careless or inappropriate dress are major factors leading to rejection, even though you will rarely be told this.

It has been proven that 50% of a person’s perception of you is based on how you look. Therefore whether you like it or not, dress and grooming are important and can be critical factors in perceptions and decisions made about you and your organisation. If you look like a down-and-out, no one will want to lend you money, or help with your ailing organisation?

You are always seen first before you have anything to say, therefore your visual image says a great deal about you and your business. When your business is struggling what you need most is a perceived level of competence and content marketing practices that outline clear messages and beliefs about your business.

Negative behaviour can put the final nail in the coffin of your business. Success comes through the application of positive power, affirmations and the cooperative efforts of other people. Negative content or a negative personality will not stimulate cooperation, but positive enthusiasm is contagious. Without positive enthusiasm, you cannot be convincing and the person who has it is generally welcome in any group of people particularly those people who want to help them.


Finding a starting point

Make the most of what you have, never wait for conditions to be perfect before you take action. The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best, or the most, they just make the best of what they have.

It’s not what you know, but rather what you don’t know that will bring your business unstuck. Fortunately, life has a way of presenting circumstances that can make you aware of what you need to learn and change. Accelerate your learning so you can create a business that works consistently all day every day and exudes your passion.

Keeping all the balls in the air is extremely difficult for most people and if they succeed they will quickly become exhausted. Whilst you may be expert in some areas you can’t be an expert in them all. Find out what you are good at and establish the starting point, then delegate and outsource the rest. You can do this by asking the right questions, of the right people that can help.


“You have to learn the rules of the game and then you have to play the game better than anyone else”. Albert Einstein


If you are struggling to find a starting point, then it may be changing the conversations you have and networking that will be the key to opening the door, because “it is too hard doing it by yourself”. Networking is a common synonym for developing and maintaining contacts and personal connections with a variety of people who may be helpful to your business at some time.

Networking is like building a bridge to connect you to new practices you can’t reach without help. Without networking, you will always find it difficult to find the best practices to get traction in order to make things happen. In this fast-paced world, you don’t want to be caught lagging behind, do you?

Focus on building good relationships as this is the starting point to building a good network.  Make sure you put in quality time making yourself memorable, a person people will want to know, with good first impressions.


Lack of perseverance when the going gets tough

Many fail because when they hit an obstacle they don’t persist, even though they may be only five minutes or a simple solution away from success.

Whenever you make a mistake and you will, don’t let them drag you down.
Mistakes are what teach you to do things better and improve your capacity to avoid them in the future, on your way to success.


“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent”. Calvin Coolidge


Making mistakes is part of your personal growth and will improve your capacity to solve problems going forward in order to reach your goals. Many people are good ‘starters’ but poor ‘finishers’ and are too quick to give up at the first signs of a setback.

There is no substitute for perseverance, failure cannot cope with people who are persistence. We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insolvable problems. As Julie Andrews once said, “Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth”.

Inability to compromise or an uncontrolled desire for “all or nothing can quickly lead to failure. It is always better to have half a loaf of bread than none at all.


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