Do you cherish your health as a valuable asset?

Your life is the only one you have, but are you putting your health at risk?



Why cherish your health?

Without good health it is difficult to run a good business, in fact, some health problems can cripple it. If your health is good, preserve it, if it is unstable, improve it, if it is beyond what you can improve, seek help today.

You will find that there are many ways to approach improving your health and well-being, and they all start with you taking the first step and becoming action orientated. Without any action health problems, like any other problem can become a disaster.

Don’t be like me, it took two major bowel cancer operations, two heart attacks, diabetes, and going deaf in one ear before I woke up. I always had too much to do to slow down and look after my health.

While you might love what you are doing like I did, there is a thing called eustress and it has the same impact as distress. So the message is to slow down and start focusing on things that can improve your health and well-being as a priority.


“The only person standing in the way of a more healthy life and a better lifestyle is you”. Peter Sergeant


Your health changes the way you see the world. When you are sick it can appear the world is a miserable place. If your energy is low life can become overwhelming. Turning poor health into good health should always be a priority.


There are many things you can do

Everyone can take steps to improve their lifestyle. Try taking a small step every day, they quickly add up.

  • Improve your work/life balance.
  • Improve your working environment.
  • Focus on your purpose, vision and objectives.
  • Focus on important tasks and outsource the rest.
  • Create a new lifestyle business, or
  • Convert your existing business into a lifestyle business.
  • Just become action orientated and make it happen.


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Personal Experience

I know it is hard to remember your goal was to drain the lake when you are up to your armpits in crocodiles. The issue is to remove stressors from your business and your lifestyle as quickly as possible. If you are having trouble doing this seek help immediately.

With so much pressure to deal with in our daily lives developing new insights and awareness at the same time can be problematic. Instead of focusing on the pressures at hand, focus on your purpose, vision and objectives. Replacing any negativity with more positive actions is always a good place to start.




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