How to discover community possibilities?

Expose the possibilities you can already see and brainstorm some new ones.


Possibilities to develop a community are everywhere

It seems that the more things change the more possibilities and opportunities open up. You must, however, look beyond the current reality and look into the possibilities.

The strength of the community will improve the standard of business acumen and business knowledge improves or is it the other way around.

Why not run an ‘entrepreneurship roundtable’ and start to discover possibilities to improve your community. Perhaps this will lead to the establishment of an ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’ to keep the ideas and opportunities flowing and being implemented.


In finding possibilities there can be a number of contributing factors

  • While infrastructure is important, it is usually the businesses of the community that will create the jobs and drive the growth and development.
  • Business thrives when business people understand the impact of cloud computing, mobile, social media and big data and how to take advantage of them.
  • Business owner’s knowledge of their business arena in which they are operating will increase the number of possibilities.
  • The stability of the political environment, poor performance and conflict all tend to limit possibilities.
  • Business people generally are prepared to help and cooperate with each other, the local government and become involved in community activities. This usually takes a catalyst like some movers and shakers.
  • Business people are well connected and network beyond their community. Unfortunately if often takes encouragement to activate the possibilities.
  • The willingness of the business community to work together to expand their market area and make their pie bigger will be encouraged with good collaboration across the business community.


“The important thing in discovering community possibilities is not being afraid to take a chance. The greatest failure is to not try. Once you discover possibilities, do the best you can to implement them”. Peter Sergeant


  • Customer service and the customer experience is highly valued and practised by many in prospering communities.
  • There is enough critical mass of tourists to provide stimulation to open up new possibilities to improve the community.
  • There is sufficient size to create a competitive environment that can withstand the impact of the sponge cities. There is sufficient quality, choice and stock turnover to attract regular customers into the local businesses, particularly when they are close to other communities.
  • The business community is not controlled by a few individuals, particularly negative ones who block progress and thereby limiting
  • Pricing structures across the community should be consistent with good business practices.
  • The education infrastructure of the community must be relevant to the wants and needs of the businesses if they are to create jobs and open up other

It is very difficult to see possibilities and opportunities if there is ‘tunnel vision’ and ignorance of how communities work. Local organisations must take the time to have a really good look around and see what is actually going on, in particular, things outside of the community that can impact it, both positively and negatively.

Take a three hundred and sixty-degree view; you don’t want people to be hit from the side by a ‘Mack Truck’.


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Personal Experience

Is your community becoming more and more connected with the global economy? I find it makes sense that all communities start to look outside the square (their own backyards) in order to generate new possibilities and move forward.

Your community generally needs to recognise that there are endless possibilities but everyone must look outside for new innovations and be prepared to cast a wide net if they want to open up more possibilities.

Be prepared to embrace change with an open mind, or have your businesses and even your community bypassed and left to the history books. There are plenty of examples of this happening, don’t let your community be one of the bad statistics.

“She’ll be right mate” has lost its relevance. It will only be right if you don’t get stuck with the ways things used to be done. Try implementing some economic gardening principles,




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