Is your community making use of an old entrepreneur or executive?


You worry about the robots, let the older entrepreneur or executive worry about the strategies.


Facts about age and older entrepreneurs and executives

Reading about multimillion-dollar success stories and being bombarded with youthful images and trying to cope with the new technologies can lead us to think only the young have something new to contribute.

Senior Entrepreneurs across the world are solving individual and societal needs by creating individual and community economic value. They share their personal breakthrough stories, their dreams and what they have learned about strategies and solutions that have worked with. Their stories and insights provide inspiration and wisdom to other seniors new to helping their community. They will help them to keep focused, to achieve the small early successes that provide the confidence necessary to move any new enterprise, or community opportunity forward.

Older entrepreneurs and executives are more successful than younger ones. Because they bring more experience to the table, as well as a broad network of relationships and a comprehensive knowledge of their field. The Kauffman Foundation a group that studies and encourages entrepreneurship found that people older than 55 are almost twice as likely to create successful companies as people in their 20s and early 30s. Of course, there are always exceptions.

Older brains work better.  Gary Small, author of ‘An Innovative Strategy for Keeping your Brain Young‘, says our brain circuitry actually works better in our 40s and 50s than it does in our 20s and 30s. We think better and are better able to make innovative connections. He also notes older people can have greater insights than younger people because they have more knowledge, experiences and memories to draw on as they unpack and synthesise new information. The ability to both anticipate problems and use complex reasoning skills improves as we age.

Creativity self-germinating.  Lars Nyberg (Umea University Sweden) says that while various genetic and lifestyle factors have an effect on brain maintenance in older people, consistent “interventions” such as social, intellectual and physical stimulation “reliably show greater cognitive performance with a brain that appears younger than its years”.


“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”. Napoleon Hill


Female entrepreneurs. Women, tend to start businesses as a second or third profession, and as a consequence, they tend to be older, between 40 and 60  and better educated than right-out-of-schools and universities entrepreneurs, making their odds of success pretty good.

Older people are more competitive. Older people are better at taking competition-oriented risks to achieve desired outcomes, simply because they have more life and business experience to draw upon.


Advice for charities and not-for-profits can be hard to find

Schools, clubs, community organisations, charities and other non-profit organisations can find out more about the issues affecting their organisation and community by engaging an old entrepreneur or older executive who will help out at little or no cost.

Many could be interested in paying forward or paying back for all the favours they have received over the years.

Seek advice and ask businesses and organisations in your community for suitable old entrepreneurs and executives and start to enjoy the benefits. If you’re ready to gain focus and move through what’s holding you back, it’s time to talk to an ‘old entrepreneur’ in your community. Their knowledge and abilities will astound you.

Chances are you’re concerned about one or more barriers that are holding your organisation back. You already know they are wasting your valuable time and money and your organisation is suffering the consequences.

Yes, it’s time to take action, but you may not feel confident about what action to take and this is where an old entrepreneur or old experienced executive can do wondrous things in helping to deliver the outcomes you want.



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Personal Experience:

In my experience with men’s sheds, I have experienced many old entrepreneurs and retired executives who can still help others to build businesses and non-profit organisations while competing effectively for many more years after retirement than most people think.

Many entrepreneurs have learned to maintain their brain health through the proven methods of keeping it active, eating well, exercising regularly and consistently engaging in stimulating and artistic pursuits.

There is no reason why anyone can’t come up with your best business ideas at any stage in life. After all Colonel Sanders invented Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was 75.




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