Can you use your men’s shed to create new jobs?

Obviously, the bigger the men’s shed the more jobs and opportunities it can create.



Your men’s shed can play a key role in your community

The economic turmoil across the world being driven by globalisation and technology is causing many jobs to disappear and people to be displaced.  Many new businesses are being set up in people’s homes and backyard sheds and this leads to more opportunities for the men’s shed to become very useful in helping to:

  • Start new businesses?
  • Support people who want to start a business.
  • Train young people to be job-ready.
  • Support existing business.
  • Support non-profit organisations.
  • Develop new products and services.

If an inconspicuous garden shed can be the base for a successful business, why not your men’s shed. The alternative workplace revolution.

For some, garden sheds are much more than a place to store gardening equipment, they’re a place to seek solace away from the pressures of everyday life and perhaps indulge a hobby or pastime. The one thing often missing in many backyard sheds is that men tend to become isolated and lonely.

The backyard shed, home-based business and the home office along with the local men’s shed have become a breeding ground for innovation and creating new jobs and opportunities.


There is a regeneration of the cottage industry

Shed-based businesses aren’t a new thing, it’s been going on for centuries, but the more recent technology revolution has been a major driver, together with an increase in people wanting to run their own business from home.

We’re returning to a pre-industrial revolution cottage industry working culture and shed workers are at the forefront of changing people’s lifestyle.

So, why run a business from your men’s shed rather than elsewhere in the community? The men’s shed enables a clearer line of demarcation between where people live and where they work, and it provides much needed physoligical support and is more fun.


Your vision for the future of your men’s shed

Countering the dominant notion that home-based businesses are the domain of men, many women are now operating home-based businesses that often require additional support.

Home-based businesses can often require services a local men’s shed can provide:

  • More space.
  • Repairs and maintenance.
  • Product development.
  • Distribution services.
  • Shopping services.
  • Catering services.
  • And so on…

The local men’s shed can become a clearing house where services are provided and the members can earn extra income. You may find that amongst your members are services they can provide such as writing, bookkeeping, technology, research and all sorts of things that the modern business requires


Men’s sheds can create many jobs including for the disabled in the community


In every community, there are disabled and elderly people who require a very broad range of services. Some of these services might include:

  • Designing and building special equipment.
  • Repairs and maintenance to existing equipment.
  • Home maintenance services.
  • Transport services.
  • Someone to talk to.
  • And so on…

These are exciting times with more opportunities being available for a men’s shed than ever before. Why not form a small group of your members to investigate what is possible in your community. Perhaps you could be on the threshold of helping to relieve the unemployment situation in your community and provide more support for those less fortunate.

Why not start to create new conversations, that will lead to better relationships,  better health and better businesses as well as nicer places in which to live.


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Personal Experience

I know that putting together a vision for the future of your men’s shed can be both exciting and daunting. Some people will think you have gone a little crazy, while others will think that the role of the men’s shed has nothing to do with helping businesses and others in the community.

Don’t be daunted, there is always someone who can help you to successfully think through your ideas and to implement them.




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