Can you make you customer experience count?

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You might think it’s great, but what does the customer think?

Like, children, we are all seeking new, memorable and meaningful experiences. Today there is growing awareness that customers are less interested in buying and accumulating more products, and more interested in the experiences.

In the modern world, customers expect top-notch experiences and they expect it every time. .Businesses must not only meet their expectations, they must do so while contending with ever-shortening attention spans in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Small businesses, non‐profits and small communities are in an ideal position to enhance the customer experience and win against increasing competition from larger companies and ‘sponge’ cities.

If you want to stay competitive, you must stay relevant to your consumer’s changing problems,  frustrations along with their wants and needs. Provide good affordable solutions and create valuable and memorable experiences the customers can pass on as they become advocates for your business.

Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020, according to research. This is good news for your new enterprise because you can start adopting better customer experiences from day one.

You can quickly build a good reputation by not only giving outstanding service but by making those services provide better more meaningful customer experiences.

As customers become more aware and start to appreciate the value of the experiences they want they will move to where they can receive new and better experiences.

We are living in an increasingly complex world. We are in an age of intimacy and the interaction between you and the customer can happen within the blink of an eye.


“Think differently, reinvent your type of business so it enhances your customer’s experiences”.  Peter Sergeant


Advances in technology have brought with them the tools and processes that can enhance the customer experience. Customers are becoming more technology savvy, expecting, even demanding technology to be utilised.

Customers have more choice than ever before, with more devices in their lives and as a smaller business, you are well placed to capitalise on the growing trends. This is particularly so because good customer experiences can be created quite inexpensively.

Customer experiences should be based on information and knowledge of your customer market segments. What are the problems, frustrations wants and needs of each segment? They will be different. Find the information and knowledge, mine it and refine it to improve its relevance.

As customer expectations continue to grow, you will be challenged by the always‐on, 24/7 nature of customer care demand. Understanding how to master customer self‐service solutions can increase customer satisfaction and improve your overall responsiveness to an individual customer.

Utilise big data with your own experience and creativity to create campaigns that achieve relevance attachment for your business as you take your business on the next steps of its digital transformation journey in the modern world.

Stay on top of trends and issues. Continuous improvement needs to be a feature of how you run your organisation and networks and stay on top of trends and issues.

What are the key focus areas that you need to consider in order to increase your revenue and profitability? The most pressing and important areas for you to consider in improving customer experience might include:

  • Mobile readiness and the importance of responding to customer queries promptly and where they happen.
  • Customers prefer self‐service but the technology you use must work well every time and be compatible and easily understood.
  • Utilising predictive analytics to help transform customer service queries and your responses into better experiences.
  • Knowledge management and how to develop content that supports your business model and its interaction with your customers.
  • Understanding your customer’s expectations will go a long way to improving their experiences.


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Personal Experience:

Over the years, I have developed many ways to improve customer’s experience, simply because I know how I feel when I am the customer.

When people come to me for help I usually concern myself with five things:

  1. Listen carefully to their situation and frustrations
  2. Have I heard of this problem before, if so can I fix it to inspire them?
  3. Who are they at war with, family colleagues or competitors?
  4. Look at unusual things to find the best solution.
  5. Think differently. Help them to think differently about their situation.
  6. Is what you are offering going to provide a good customer experience.

If you lose relevance to your customer base you could soon be out of business. As I found out when there is a major drought on, customers don’t want new machinery, they want water, and plenty of it. That is where their mind is and that is where you should be.

I have found that customers may forget what you said but they will never forget the experience they had with you. My experience with men’s sheds of all shapes and sizes made me much more aware of the customer experience. Many men’s sheds were smaller than some men’s home workshops, but inexperienced management was difficult to convince that these men could offer much but they too needed that ‘customer experience’.




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