Can you improve your customer experience and win?  

If your customer doesn’t like the experience they will grow somewhere else.


Think about it, if you didn’t like the experience, you didn’t go back.

New digital communications channels are being continuously introduced providing customers with more information than they have ever had. This has created a buyer’s market. Customers can quickly adopt new communication channels, including the web, social media, smartphones, big data and the  IoT. The ways customers communicate has skyrocketed in the past few years as new channels keep being introduced.

They want to use the new technologies to contact the companies with whom they seek to do business with and they want to have better control over their purchasing decisions. The proliferation of new technologies can make it either difficult or easier for businesses to provide effective, cost-efficient customer service.

In their struggle to find the right way to handle the demands for improving customer service, the businesses who are winning are those who focus on their customer experience.

Businesses that don’t treat the customer experience,  across all their touch points have no way to understanding the full customer journey or to meet their customer’s wants and needs with an outstanding, efficient and consistent experience across all the channels they use.

Integrating the channels you use with your customer experience strategy, allows you to transform the end-to-end customer journey and deliver consistent, seamless and personalised experiences across all touch points and interactions with your business.

To meet the challenge, many businesses have started to respond to these new interactions, often throwing resources at each new channel as it arises and implanting touch point solutions that fix the immediate problem. But band-aid solutions do not enable longer-term business transformation for continuous improvement of the customer experience.


“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around. The customer, not technology, must be the core of your strategy”. Steve Jobs


Transforming the customer experience most often starts with the content being used in the business and across its marketing channels. The business’s website, social media platforms and emails all have a role to play in the modern customer experience. Of course, that doesn’t mean forgetting about all the other touch points.

Many businesses who have focused on the mobile experience have developed customer-focused smartphone apps. While all of these individual efforts are designed to provide a solid customer experience, they fall short if the majority of your customer base don’t have a smartphone.

In other words, your customer experience will not have much impact if it is dominated by one thing, just as a fragmented customer experience will not be really effective. For the customer’s point of view, it’s hard to do business with a business that provides an inconsistent experience that frustrates them.

An important consideration is not to let the already frustrated customer keep repeating their problem and your attempts to solve it. Your inability to proactively provide the human touch when customers need it results in lost customers and bad word of mouth.



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 Personal Experience:

If you get busy working on your customer experience as a priority you’ll have no time to worry about your competition as the customers keep rolling in.

When each part of your business has its own way of treating customers, it’s also impossible to provide an exceptional customer experience across their end-to-end journey.

The lack of customer experience is one thing you will notice when you go into community men’s sheds that pay no attention to the experience they provide their members. They are the ones who wonder why they keep losing members and don’t know why.

Here’s to the businesses and the people who inspire us and don’t even know it.




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