Can touch points, leverage your marketing effort?  

Without mobile compatibility, your website is limited as a touch point.


Convert all your key customer touch points into lead generators.

While automation such as web-based knowledge bases can trim costs from customer service operations, it can also remove opportunities where a human connection can make an important difference.

A customer can find the details on a complex product in a knowledge base article, but it may be difficult for them to find reassurance about implementation. If a person was involved in the interaction, they might have discovered that the visitor to a touch point was actually a prospective customer and they could have made a sale on the spot.

Businesses and non-profits miss many such opportunities by not being able to connect with self-service customers who need more help to the right employee quickly and conveniently, on the channel of the customer’s choice.

Customer experience requires rethinking the approach to using digital channels within the marketing and customer support functions. Providing outstanding customer experiences that drive new revenue, cut costs and create customer advocates means harnessing the power of all these new digital channels.

It also means seeing customer interactions as customers see them, as a single dialogue between one customer and one organisation. One face to the customer, regardless of the channel being used.

Press 1, Press 2 drive customers crazy, along with receiving different answers from different employees of the same organisation. Experiencing different types of service on two different channels increases customer frustration and results in lost business.

With a cohesive approach applied to digital channels and other touch points, customers receive the same, consistent experience from all employees and across all touch points. One conversation involving ‘one source of the truth’.

Customers will use the channel they feel is most appropriate at a certain point in time and switch to another channel when it becomes more convenient. For most businesses, that jump across channels typically erases all context,  there can be little or no ability to see what just happened with the customer on another channel. Building appropriate intelligence into a digital contact solution allows you to hold one seamless conversation with a customer across all channels and other touch points.


“The success of any organisation lies in its ability to serve their customers. Through touch points, you can deliver better customer experiences and even a competitive advantage”. Peter Sergeant


One view of the customer, understanding all channels, touchpoints and interactions can give you the ability to tailor customer services and have more profitable interactions. But it means having all relevant information about a customer in one place.

One customer care strategy, including personalised self-service and the human touch when required, is critical to winning new customers and retaining old ones.

To create the perfect setting for a highly satisfied customer, an organisation should know who the customer is, what they have done in the past, which channels they prefer and how they like to purchase things.

When the people in the business can understand a customer’s behaviour, they can identify moments of truth and everybody wins. This keeps costs down while allowing customers to tap into other products and services you offer.

Providing excellent service in a public way on your website and social media platforms indicate outstanding marketing, driving into the minds of thousands of potential customers the perception of the organisation as one that is responsive and easy to do business with.

Consistency across channels and touchpoints not only increases your customer’s  satisfaction, it increases sales, reduces costs and enhances your organisations’ reputation.



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Personal Experience:

This is one area of marketing where I feel most small businesses and non-profits let themselves down.

Over the years I have seen many small businesses get journey mapping very wrong. By mapping touch points these businesses could have been building consistently great customer experiences into their marketing efforts.

Aiming fo fix up all your touch points at once will be too difficult. Just fix one or two if you want a quick and immediate response and then work systematically towards fixing them all.




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