Can innovation happen by chance?

Without innovation in mind, you might as well nail your ideas to a tree.

Innovation does require dedicated effort in order to be of value.

There is no value in having ideas and getting excited about them unless you can get others excited to help you bring them alive. Your new ideas need to inspire your staff and others in order to gather the required time and resources to turn them into the real innovations.

Every person, every business, every corporation, every government, every industry and every country wants to be more innovative. But innovation doesn’t happen by chance.

Unfortunately, few people know how to create an innovative culture One that will drive innovation, nurture it, fund it, measure it, and ultimately profit from it. Even defining innovation is a big challenge.

Your new ideas will not generate enthusiasm unless you are able to articulate the benefits people will derive from them? When everyone starts talking about how busy they are, your great idea has obviously fallen on deaf ears. Maybe there will be someone who shows a spark of enthusiasm in the face of negativity, nurture them.

An idea is only an idea until you bring it alive with flesh and bones. Invite people you trust to help you think through the details. Remember the ‘devil’ is in the detail. If you are not an entrepreneur then it will pay you to find one as they will help you join up the dots and create a clear vision to progress with.


“The best way to escape from a problem is to be creative and innovate, but it can be too difficult to achieve new things with old ways”. Peter sergeant


If you aren’t going to push your ideas forward you will need to find a champion, someone who will get behind the idea and develop it until it becomes a real innovation. Sometimes this can takes months or even years, there are few overnight successes. You want true believers who will stick to it warts and all.

Every business says it wants to innovate, yet there are still too few who do something about it. Innovation doesn’t have to spring from a laboratory or some other formal research organisation, program, or process. Can innovation come about naturally as part of a creative and challenging work environment? Yes, it can, in fact, small business are renown for coming up with innovative ideas.

Those businesses who listen to their customers, staff and suppliers are the ones who are most likely to build an innovative organisation. Listen to people’s problems, frustrations, wants and needs and you will soon uncover more ideas than you have time to develop.

To break out of that mould of inaction, create a special group to focus on creating ideas and new innovation. It doesn’t have to be a big group, it could be made up of a couple of staff members, a couple of loyal customers and a supplier or two.  Outside experts can be engaged to facilitate meetings, give guidance and technical advice.

Look for people who will give you a 100% commitment now, not 50% now and the other 50% when your innovative ideas look like being successful.


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Personal Experience:

I have learned the hard way many times not to introduce my big ideas to fast. While I might be excited and enthusiastic others will take time because the idea is still fresh to them and they need time to think about it. Far better to introduce your ideas bit by bit until people can see the full picture and believe in it.

Innovative initiatives often require quick decisive decisions, otherwise, your ideas tend to hang around until it is too late and others have already moved on them. Yes, ideas are potential and can become stale with procrastination.

But ideas and big decisions take too long for the average person to absorb, so choose carefully the people you talk to about them. Keep people in the loop as many will follow and want to become involved after the first-movers generate a win or two. There is nothing like a few small successes to generate enthusiasm and other new ideas.




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