Can entrepreneurship help to drive your men’s shed?

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Entrepreneurs can help to take on bigger projects for the men.



Entrepreneurs can make a significant contribution to a men’s shed

Most men’s sheds are operated and managed by technical people. The difference in the mindset between a technician and an entrepreneur is very significant. This is one of the key reasons why many men’s sheds have difficulty growing to meet members and community needs. This is particularly so when finance and other resources are scarce.

If the men’s shed is to prosper then the technical person must acquire at least the basic entrepreneurial characteristics or attributes. It is important that every men’s shed has access to an entrepreneur, they are the real drivers of any enterprise.

If you are an entrepreneur then you will find great support from mixing with other entrepreneurs. If you are not an entrepreneur, then adopt the attributes of an entrepreneur and seek the support of an entrepreneur that is easily accessible to you either online or face-to-face.

Every men’s shed must have some entrepreneurial skills if it is to grow. Entrepreneurs provide the men’s shed with:

  • A clearer direction and vision of the future.
  • An alertness to opportunity and what is possible.
  • Visioning capability.
  • Ability to be able to join up the dots.
  • Improved problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Creativity and Innovation.
  • An ongoing search for excellence.
  • Understanding of risk taking.
  • Tolerance of uncertainty.
  • A willingness to change.
  • A strong competitive spirit.
  • Motivation to become the best that you can be.

Many people think that an entrepreneur is someone who goes into business, or that non-entrepreneurs can become entrepreneurs. A little research will reveal the fact that entrepreneurs are ‘born’ not ‘made’. While entrepreneurs tend to gravitate towards businesses, you can find entrepreneurs in all walks of life, including men’s sheds.


“Men’s sheds thrive when people embrace entrepreneurship and think entrepreneurially”. Peter Sergeant


If you aren’t an entrepreneur then you can certainly acquire many of their attributes, but you will not be able to acquire them all. Today entrepreneurs are redefining the landscape of men’s sheds not by creating “me too” ‘Double garage” type men’s sheds already in many communities. But by envisioning entirely new products and services, customer experiences and ways of running men’s sheds better.

If you are starting a non-profit or community organisation, you will find there is a big shortage of entrepreneurs who will want to become involved. Take time to find local entrepreneurs who will help you.

Perhaps there are some retired entrepreneurs in your community with time to help you. While they may not join your organisation they will be happy to help you to make a difference as part of their community engagement aspirations.

You must also keep in mind that youthful entrepreneurs have been responsible for some of the greatest organisations and products ever created, so we shouldn’t lose sight of the young entrepreneurs in the community and their capacity to be a great inspiration for you and your men’s shed.


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Personal Experience

Regional, rural and remote men’s sheds who recognise the value of entrepreneurship as their most valuable approach to growing a sustainable men’s shed, that thrive and survive. If the men’s shed continues to lean solely on its own understanding, change will be difficult and the struggles of the community will continue and decline will be inevitable.

Identify the entrepreneurs and gazelles in your community The entrepreneurs and gazelles will help you and your men’s shed to become aligned, focused, and accountable, and working with purpose toward common goals.

One of the key attributes of an entrepreneur is their ability to address the issues by ‘connecting the dots’ and solving the problems. It is vital to nurture a vibrant startup environment in a men’s shed and to create a pipeline of opportunities.

Life in a regional community is like photography, you need your negatives to develop into positive action.




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